Riverbend Community Church provided an Easter egg hunt and post-Easter experience for our church and community. What we provided for the event, with the help of an evangelism grant from the Baptist Resource Network (BRN), is as follows:

  • ¬†Easter egg hunt for ages from toddler to 5th grade
  • Special prized eggs for the family (8 Prize eggs)
  • Family raffle that included gifts for the whole family (6 family raffle winners)
  • Breakfast food for the fellowship time
  • Cotton candy as a fun snack for the kids

During this event, we were able to share the gospel to over 100 people. Pastor Joe gave a brief explanation of who Jesus Christ is and why Easter is so important. We were also able to have info cards available through sign up and the family raffle.

What we have seen as a response to this event:

  • At least 2-3 families have been attending Riverbend Community Church since the Easter egg hunt
  • We have had the opportunity to follow up with everyone who left their personal info and had several prayers for different families
  • We have added to our relationship with the community and the parks
  • We received many thank you’s ¬†and appreciation for caring for the community in this way

We followed up our Easter egg hunt with an Easter experience where we had more fellowship for the families who accepted our invitation to Easter Sunday. We provided a travel petting zoo directly after our gathering, and saw the families we connected with enjoy and connect with the families they invited. Not only did this cause a spiritual and personal connection, but we were able to provide additional fellowship for our community. Through all of these events, we have been able to invite the community to our Picnic at the Parks event later this month.