Hello BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today.

I wanted to offer a statement regarding the recent news surrounding the historic Roe vs. Wade case in the Supreme Court.

First, let me say, I believe in the Imago Dei of every human being. In Genesis 1, we see God as CREATOR and that everything He created was “good.”

From the very beginning, God placed extreme value on those He created: every life at every stage of life — from the womb to one’s deathbed. I believe we should ascribe that value to all human beings as well. Know this: I affirm the dignity and value of every person as created in God’s image.

I urge all Southern Baptists to pray for the end of abortion. I also urge Southern Baptists to pray for and serve abortion-vulnerable women who find themselves in difficult situations and seem to have nowhere to turn. May we share God’s love and compassion and may our conversations be seasoned with grace.

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to serve families and support local pregnancy resource centers, and to educate members on the blessings of foster care and adoption. God always makes a way where there seems to be no way.

I also urge all Southern Baptists to continue in faithful pro-life advocacy by partnering with local, state, and federal governments to enact pro-life and pro-family policies. Your efforts truly matter.

Thanks for listening in and God bless you!