Hello BRN Family, it’s good to be with you today. I wanted to thank those who were able to attend our first ever virtual conference last week. It was a tremendous experience to hear such great speakers and to interact with you. It always amazes me how God pulls together the content and how clear His message is to us because it is repeated so frequently throughout the conference.

What was that repeated message? A Kingdom vision for ministry – that’s ministry beyond the individual church and into the community, into all the people groups, and alongside other denominations and churches.

Our greatest desire at the BRN is to see our churches accelerate towards becoming a healthy multiplying church; that is a church that reproduces new disciples, leaders, ministries and church starts that ultimately reproduce new disciples, leaders, ministries and church starts to the glory of God. If we could see this type of movement across the BRN, we believe we could see a day where a multiplication movement has been birthed to reach the nearly 14 million people who are not Christ-followers across our two-state region. Wouldn’t that be a day we could all hope and pray we would see during our lifetime?

But, none of this comes to fruition with just a continual focus on building organizational structures and religious behavior. A movement like this is only birthed through replicating and representing the heart of our King, Jesus. His heart is explicitly shared in the gospel of Matthew, typically expressed as the “three” greats: the Great Commandment, the Great Compassion, and the Great Commission from Matthew chapters 22, 25 and 28.

But how can this be done? Mainly through a Kingdom focus, having a Kingdom vision, Christ’s vision for the church. . . His people! The hope of the world is Jesus! What does a Kingdom vision look like? It looks like King Jesus getting His way, God ruling and reigning in the hearts of people.

May it be that King Jesus gets His way at the BRN, in our churches, and in the communities they represent!

Just a reminder, for those who registered for the mini-conference, those replays will be available until December 5. For those who could not join us, please follow our social media where we will post the content throughout December. We look forward to sharing in this Kingdom Vision! God bless you!