David Ludwig: Hey, Larry, how you doing?

Larry Anderson: I’m good, man, I’m good. How are you, sir?

David Ludwig: I’m doing great.

Larry Anderson: Good, good, good.

David Ludwig: I’m pretty hyped up about this Advance conference. It’s coming around the corner.

Larry Anderson: I’m looking forward to it. This, the second one, I’m more excited now than I was the first time. And I’m ready. Advance! It’s time, man.

David Ludwig: Yeah. So I know there’s people that are asking, “When is the deadline to sign up?”

Larry Anderson: Deadline to sign up is March 15th. So you got to get registered by then so we can be prepared for you and you could be prepared for us, right?

David Ludwig: Right. Right. And what about the speakers? You know?

Larry Anderson: Dynamic speakers, man. We’ve got Dr. Nathan Lorick who’s coming, and he does evangelism conferences all over the world. All the time. Great. We got J.J. Washington from NAMB coming. He is a dynamic speaker. Just heard him a couple of months ago. Amazing! Then we have Dr. Anthony Hurst. He’s going to come and bring his heart, bring his passion, and really help equip us to be able to evangelize to some folks who may be forgotten and marginalized. So I’m excited about that. I’m excited about the breakouts. Yeah, you know, we got so many breakouts to help us evangelize to our children, to our adults, to our women, to our men, to the broken, and to the marginalized. I mean, it’s evangelism for the whole church! The whole church has to be equipped. It’s not for pastors only! It’s for the whole church to learn how to reach the whole world.

David Ludwig: There’s something for everybody.

Larry Anderson: Absolutely!

David Ludwig: I just hope everybody comes!

Larry Anderson: Hey man, that’s the only way we’re going to be able to “advance” the gospel, is by being at Advance. Right?

David Ludwig: Right!