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Baptist Resource Network History

Join us as we celebrate 50 years as a Southern Baptist convention in Pennsylvania/South Jersey.

Historical Timeline

BRN History

February 4

Volunteer House Purchased

Volunteer House Purchased
On February 5, 1994, the property at 98 Holbrook Street was purchased. This was bought with the purpose of it being a Volunteer house and multi-ministry center. The house was of great value in housing volunteers and serving as a center for seminary education for the Harrisburg area. Jim and..Read More
January 1

25th Anniversary

Director David Waltz Presenting Gift to Gentleman
The BCPSJ began a year-long celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary at the beginning of 1995. A twenty-fifth anniversary committee led by Harold Price had been meeting to plan the commemoration. Beginning with the January 1995 issue, the PJB displayed the twenty-fifth anniversary logo designed by Jim Mendillo, a member of..Read More
November 1

The BCPSJ Continues to Grow

Annual Meeting 2001
By November of 1995, the convention has reached 231 congregations.
October 5

Volunteer House Renovations

Volunteer House Renovations
In 1996, renovations were completed in the Volunteer House. Much of the work was done by volunteers from Virginia. The garage was converted for a library for the Harrisburg branch of the Northeast Baptist School of Ministry. A classroom was added for that program. A dedication service for the Volunteer..Read More
May 10

Baptist Resource Center Named

Baptist Resource Center Sign
At a meeting on May 10, 1997, the BCPSJ’s Executive Board approved a change in the sign at the office building, so that it would read “Baptist Resource Center.”
May 1

Purchase of the Guest House

BRN Guest House
In May of 1998, the purchase of the guest house, the house next door to the state office building, was approved.  During the summer, many volunteers worked to renovate the house and to remove excessive shrubbery. Howard and Jean Girard served as coordinators for this effort. The house was first..Read More
December 31

The BCPSJ Continues to Grow

Annual Meeting 2001
The 1998 reports revealed that the number of BCPSJ churches had reached 300.
November 1

30th Anniversary

The Baptist Resource Network celebrates 30 years of ministry!
February 5

Stan Smith: Interim Executive Director-Treasurer of BRN

Stan Smith
Stan Smith takes office as Interim Executive Director-Treasurer for one year. Smith previously served as associate director.
February 3

Barry Whitworth: Executive Director-Treasurer of Baptist Resource Network

Barry Whitworth
Barry Whitworth takes office as Executive Director-Treasurer in 2017 and continues to serve the Baptist Resource Network of Pennsylvania/South Jersey.
November 5

10/5 Challenge Initiated

Ten Five Challenge
At the 2019 Annual Meeting for the Baptist Resource Network, Barry Whitworth presented the 10/5 Initiative, challenging 10 churches to participate in at least one of five areas of ministry: church revitalization, church multiplication, compassion ministry, collegiate ministry, and international missions.
March 1


Praying over church planters
The Baptist Resource Network has partnered with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) for the past several years to plant churches in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but beginning in 2020, the Send Network partnership extended to the entire Pennsylvania/South Jersey region, supporting church planting across its sprawling rural farmlands, mountains, coastland,..Read More
January 28


Baptist Resource Network Executive Director Barry Whitworth introduces #LovePASJ, a three-phase initiative aimed at helping churches love their neighbors all across Pennsylvania/South Jersey.

The Baptist Resource Network is indebted to author Frederick J. Boehlke Jr. and his book, “From Generation to Generation: A History of Southern Baptists in Pennsylvania/South Jersey” for this information. 

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