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Annual Church Profile (Church Plants)

The Annual Church Profile (ACP) collects data that is used by the SBC Executive Committee and by the Baptist Resource Network to measure the health and growth of our churches. The BRN uses this vital data to effectively plan events, strategize resources, and evaluate the needs of our churches.

Your NAMB Quarterly Reports populate your SBC ACP during the first three years of planting. In addition to the ACP Survey, every year the BRN requests churches and church plants answer additional questions in a separate Supplemental Survey. This year we are asking specific questions related to exegesis and evangelism in our Supplemental Survey. The questions are easy to answer and help us at the BRN to understand your individual church situation and how we can plan evangelism trainings for our BRN churches.

To make answering these questions easier, we have created a 5-question survey found here. You will need your church mailing information to help us identify your specific plant as some churches have similar names. Otherwise, you can fill out your Supplemental Survey at using your SBC ID and password. Your SBC ID and password is available from the BRN HelpDesk.

The due date for your ACP is 2/15/2022.

We are asking that all church planters fill out their ACP Supplemental Survey data no later than February 15, 2022.

Any questions can be directed to our HelpDesk, or 800-451-6599. Thank you for completing the ACP. You are a vital part of the BRN family and your information helps all of us as we plan and prepare for another year of spreading the gospel and pushing back the lostness in Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

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