Streamsong Church stocks the break rooms of three different schools in the Horsham, Pa., area.

HORSHAM, Pa., (BRN) – At Streamsong Church in Horsham, Pennsylvania,  we have a ministry that focuses on serving our local schools and their staff. Recently, we were approved by a third school to stock their staff break room with snacks. The schools are pretty strict with access, and it’s a miracle a church has been allowed to do what we’ve been doing in one school, let alone in three and counting. I

’m not allowed to take pictures of school staff or post them online and we have very little interaction with school staff, other than the principal, but they do allow us to put a sign on the shelf about who the snacks are from and why we are doing it. One cool story is that in one school, the principal asked me to come in for their all-staff meeting and I got to introduce myself and share about the church and who we are.

No salvations or baptisms have come out of this ministry endeavor. However, it’s been incredible to see how God has been opening doors in public schools for us to serve their staffs.