In recognition of the retirement of Larry Theisen, Keystone Baptist Association’s director of missions on December 21, 2019, below is an edited Q & A interview by LaVeta Jones. We thank Larry for his 24 years of service to BRN and we wish him our Lord’s best as he embarks upon a new chapter in his life.

Theresa Kreig honors the Theisens
PA/SJ WMU President Theresa Kreig honors Larry and Joan Theisen for their many years of service.

Jones: Give me a one-word description of your tenure at KBA.
Theisen: FAMILY!

Jones: When did you begin serving at KBA?
Theisen: December 1, 1995

Jones: What did you enjoy most about leading KBA?
Theisen: Working with KBA staff, pastors, pastoral staff, and members of the churches. People are more important to me than mere accomplishments. I had pictures of people all over my walls and doors to remind me to pray for them and to remember all that God did in my life through those people. I hope I had some encouraging impact in their lives as well for the Lord!

Jones: What are some of your accomplishments?
Theisen: KBA assisted the start of 24 churches and affiliation of 11 churches during the 24 years I served there. Most of these were done in partnership with the BRN & NAMB. We had 29 churches in 1995 and 36 by the end of 2019, due to churches closing or leaving the SBC.

Jones: How did God reveal Himself to you?
Theisen: God revealed Himself through people and His Word as I daily prayed for people and recorded His work in my prayer journals. Whether good or bad things happened, I always sought to hear what God was teaching me through others and the Word that spoke to me that day.

Jones: How did your relationship with Jesus Christ grow while at KBA?
Theisen: Serving at KBA taught me to trust God more day by day through the challenging times of difficulty and the good times of great blessings.

Jones: What will you miss the most?
Theisen: I will miss the people I regularly interacted with.

Jones: What are your retirement plans?
Theisen: I plan to spend more time with the Lord, my wife, our four children, and our twelve grandchildren; continued ministry as requested with churches; substitute teaching and ESL ministry in York City; work on my music and art; improve my golfing.