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Ministry Areas


Here are some of the areas
where we can provide guidance:

Administration: 501(c)3 SBC Group Exemption
Administration: Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions
Administration: Annual Church Profiles (ACPs)
Administration: Annual Reports
Administration: BRN Calendar
Administration: BRN Events Questions
Administration: BRN Helpdesk
Administration: BRN State Missions Offering
Administration: Church Financial Guidance
Administration: Church Insurance
Administration: Church Investment & Loan Options
Administration: Cooperative Program
Administration: Designated Giving
Administration: Dual Tax Status of Clergy & Housing Allowance
Administration: General Referrals
Administration: General Resources
Administration: GuideStone Matching Convention Benefits Program
Administration: Health Insurance
Administration: HUB Support
Administration: Hunger Funds
Administration: Literacy/ESL Questions
Administration: Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions
Administration: Missions Houses (Warren House/Volunteer House) Reservations
Administration: Nonprofit Accounting
Administration: PA & NJ Incorporation
Administration: PA & NJ State Sales Tax Exemption
Administration: Resource Development
Administration: SBC I.D. Numbers
Administration: Training Center Coordination
Administration: W-2 and 1099-Misc.
Collegiate Ministry
Collegiate Ministry: Discipleship/Evangelism
Collegiate Ministry: GenZ
Collegiate Ministry: Leadership Development
Collegiate Ministry: Millennials
Collegiate Ministry: NextGen Leadership
Communications: Branding
Communications: BRN United Newsletter
Communications: Communications Strategy
Communications: Copy-Editing
Communications: Digital Layout
Communications: Editing
Communications: Event Promotion
Communications: Graphic Design
Communications: Interviewing
Communications: Newswriting
Communications: Photography
Communications: Podcasts
Communications: Public Relations
Communications: Social Media
Communications: Storytelling
Communications: Videography
Communications: Web Design
Communications: Web Management
Compassion Care
Compassion Care: Clothing Closets
Compassion Care: Community Outreach
Compassion Care: Community Partnerships
Compassion Care: Community Support
Compassion Care: Compassion Ministry
Compassion Care: Engaging Community
Compassion Care: Feeding Ministry
Compassion Care: Homeless Outreaches
Compassion Care: Hosting Mission Teams
Compassion Care: Missional Engagement
Compassion Care: Network Development
Compassion Care: Partnership Development
Compassion Care: School Partnerships
Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief: Chaplaincy
Disaster Relief: Communications/Radio
Disaster Relief: Damage Assessment
Disaster Relief: Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Relief: Local Crisis Event Leadership
Disaster Relief: Long-Term Rebuilding
Disaster Relief: Mass Care Feeding
Disaster Relief: Ready Church
Disaster Relief: Recovery Administration
Disaster Relief: Recovery Operations: Chainsaw
Disaster Relief: Recovery Operations: Emergency Repairs
Disaster Relief: Recovery Operations: Flood Recovery
Disaster Relief: Responding to Physical and Spiritual Needs
Disaster Relief: Showers and Laundry
Discipleship-Spiritual Health Assessment
Evangelism-Short-Term Missions
Healthy Churches
Healthy Churches: Apprenticeship Processes
Healthy Churches: Bivocational Ministry
Healthy Churches: BRN Women
Healthy Churches: Care to Church Pastors/Staff and their Families
Healthy Churches: Church Assimilation Process
Healthy Churches: Church Revitalization
Healthy Churches: Coaching
Healthy Churches: Conflict Resolution
Healthy Churches: Deacon Training
Healthy Churches: Discipleship Pathways
Healthy Churches: Evangelism
Healthy Churches: Greeter Training
Healthy Churches: Leadership Development
Healthy Churches: Mapping Center
Healthy Churches: Missions
Healthy Churches: Pastor Assessment Tool
Healthy Churches: Pastor Care
Healthy Churches: Pastor Visits
Healthy Churches: Pastoral Care
Healthy Churches: Pastoral Discipleship
Healthy Churches: Pastoral Mentoring
Healthy Churches: Personal Growth Events/Trainings
Healthy Churches: Prayer
Healthy Churches: Pulpit Supply
Healthy Churches: Resource Development
Healthy Churches: Revitalization Cohorts
Healthy Churches: Secret Worshipper
Healthy Churches: Small Group Training
Healthy Churches: Spiritual Health Assessments
Healthy Churches: Staff Ministry Development
Healthy Churches: Teacher Training
Healthy Churches: Transformational Church
Healthy Churches: Transitional Pastor Training
Healthy Churches: WMU
Multiplying Churches
Multiplying Churches: Church Planter Assessment
Multiplying Churches: Church Planter Orientation
Multiplying Churches: Church Planter Partnerships
Multiplying Churches: Church Planting
Multiplying Churches: Multi-Ethnic Churches
Multiplying Churches: Multiplying Church Centers
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